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Assisted fertility involves a team of highly skilled doctors, scientists and nurses using a wide range of high technology equipment, all of which is expensive to provide. Fortunately, in Australia Medicare helps pay for a large component of fertility treatment. Your first treatment cycle for each calendar year will always cost you more because of the capped rebate set by Medicare. Reproductive Medicine has no control over this.


The approach we take at Reproductive Medicine is to only charge you for the services you receive, rather than an all-inclusive fee that includes items that may not be required.


Our policy is to:

  • Fully explain our costs before treatment commences
  • Inform you of costs for your proposed treatment program
  • Provide advice on obtaining your full Medicare rebate, and Medicare Safety Net entitlements

Your egg collection, surgical sperm collection (if required) and anaesthetic procedures require a visit to the day surgery affiliated with your clinic of choice, please speak to the administration team to learn more about the day surgery you will be attending and their costs.


Additional medications, not included in the overall fee and not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), are sometimes required. In such instances, the pharmacy will give you an itemised receipt to take to your private health fund.


Should your treatment cycle be cancelled, a partial refund or credit for future attempts may be made. The amount refunded or credited will depend on what stage of your program the cycle was cancelled. Where egg collection has occurred and eggs and sperm put together, given the above billing procedures, if the embryo transfer is not performed there is no additional refund.


On completion of your treatment cycle you will have an account provided to submit to Medicare. Please note that Medicare will not pay any form of rebate unless you have a current referral from your doctor.


More detailed information about your specific costs and the payment process will be provided on the day of your Registration Visit. Assistance regarding payment and costs is available any time from our reception staff. Our current fee schedule is available from our staff.


If you have had embryos frozen you will receive an invoice after the event and at six monthly intervals until all embryos have been thawed.



Most treatments at Reproductive Medicine are eligible for Medicare benefits. Medicare will reimburse a significant portion of your costs. Some services attract a direct rebate from the Medicare Safety Net for all out of pocket costs once you have reached an annual threshold amount. Medicare keeps a tally of all your out of pocket expenses for you and adjusts your rebate accordingly. To maximise your benefits with Medicare it is recommended that you ensure that you are registered as a couple as this is not an automatic process with Medicare. It is also recommended that you have your bank account details registered with Medicare as this will speed up the rebate payment time.


Please note that the Medicare threshold amounts are subject to change. Your Safety Net entitlement is assessed every 12 months and commences at the start of each calendar year.


For more information, Safety Net Registration and questions relating to your out of pocket expenditure contact Medicare by telephone on 13 20 11.


Can I access my super to pay for my IVF services?



Reproductive Medicine Wagga is pleased to promote SuperCare. SuperCare is based on an Australian Government initiative to assist individuals and their families access their superannuation to cover medical costs.


SuperCare IVF Services Advice team can facilitate the funding required for various treatments including:

  • IVF
  • Endometriosis
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Women’s Mental Health Counselling


SuperCare is the only company in Australia specifically established to assist individuals to be able to effectively access their Superannuation to fund IVF treatments and other medical inputs, in an efficient and timely manner. By doing so, SuperCare ensures that its patients receive the priority treatment they deserve.


SuperCare’s consultants are with their patients every step of the way, facilitating and taking ‘the hassle’ out of the entire application process. As an integral part of your health support team, SuperCare’s consultants will seek the funding required for you to access up to 12 months of treatment.


SuperCare’s consultants pride themselves on their personal approach and work as a team with their patients to ensure an easy, efficient and stress free result.


Visit the SuperCare website to find out more.