Semen analysis

At Reproductive Medicine Wagga we carry out semen analyses following the recommendations by  the World Health Organisation.


A semen analysis measures several parameters, including:


i) Volume of ejaculate produced


ii) Count/Concentration
This is the process of measuring of the number of sperm in an ejaculate and
includes non-motile sperm.


iii) Motility
An accurate measure of the proportion of motile (moving) sperm is assessed. The speed at which the motile sperm are moving is included in this assessment.


iv) Morphology
Morphology relates to the shape and size of the sperm and this test assesses the number of normal sperm in both shape and size within the ejaculate. Abnormal sperm do not cause abnormal babies or miscarriage but a large proportion of abnormal sperm in a sample may lead to a decreased capacity of the sperm to fertilise an egg.


v) Anti-sperm Antibody Test
Antibodies may be present in either the seminal fluid or in the serum (blood) and this is often a problem following vasectomy reversal. Antibodies may bind to the head or the tail of the sperm and stop the sperm from fertilising the egg. They may also cause the sperm to stick to each other (agglutinate), thus preventing them from reaching the egg.